29 Reasons You Should Never Let Your Dog Play In The Mud

You’ve just given your dog a bath. You’ve brushed its coat and now it’s gleaming like burnished copper.

But you forgot to close the back door and off your doggo goes, bounding outside. And then you realize: it’s rained recently, there’s dirt everywhere outside, and your pooch is already frolicking across muddy puddles like Peppa Pig.

Before And After Playdate

Dirty Dogs

As Expected I Got Super Super Muddy And Had A Great Time, However I Partied A Bit Too Hard

Dog Playing In River Evolves Into Supermodel


Dandelion Zoomies


Before And After Mud Bath

Jude And His Hound Dog Puppy “Chicky-Dog” After Playing In The Mud


“Today I Discovered Mud Puddles. Best. Day. Ever”

Our Babies When They Play Too Much. Alice And Figo

So That’s How Chocolate Labs Are Made

Wat, Mahm? Dirt? Where? I See Nuffin

Ran Through The Tall Weeds With Her Velcro Fur. Took A Bath And Nearly 2 Hours Of Brushing To Get Them All Out

Anyone Knows How To Clean A Bath? Asking For A Friend

Is This Not Good?

Mud Dogger

Happy Hippo Ralph

Very First Time I Stuck My Head In Thick Mud. Mum Was Absolutely Horrified But Then Start Laughing. No One Wanted To Pet Me On The Walk Home Tho

Someone Found The Only Mud Puddle In The Dog Park

Oh You Dirty Dog

She Found The Mud Puddle

I See Your Muddy Pupper, And I Raise You Mine

Found Her Playing In The Mud In The Backyard

Can You Believe It’s The Same Dog In Both Pictures?

Gabby Found A Mud Hole To Cool Off In

The Little One Is Learning From His Big Brother

Was Asked If Martha Ever Got Muddy. Well, Yes. A Little

Rare Pupper Having A Hecking Good Time In The Mud

Doesn’t He Look Fetching In His Mud Suit?

Hands Up If You Love Mud Puddles

Sunday Funday! Dog Park + Mud Puddles + Puppacinos

It’s Safe To Say Wrigley Had The Most Fun At The Park Yesterday

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