They Say Golden Retriever Can’t Love Other Species…Really?

A seemingly friendly and pretty cute dog named Bob doesn’t have the lifestyle most would expect such a dog to have. He doesn’t spend his time running through the tall grass. He is not sleeping in front of a cozy fireplace. Bob is a dog that lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He has a rather unique lifestyle, one that involves him, his human companions, and these eight small, tiny creatures that make up most of his day.

Bob’s friends are pet birds. And, you can often find him and his birds on the Bob’s social media pages including his full-of-photos Instagram page and Facebook. His friendly humans post pictures of the birds and Bob spending quality time together, in a way that would love any human breathless.

How did they know that these pets could do this and exactly how do they get them to behave in such an interesting way?

A Peaceful Nap with the Most Unlikely of Friends

Bob golden retriever with birds

It’s simple. One dog, a bunch of birds, and small friends.

Bob is all about spending his time relaxing. He doesn’t seem to have a care in the world when it comes to spending time with friends.

Would you think that this dog could be this friendly with these tiny creatures? What makes those birds so confident in Bob, too?

Any other dog would see those brightly colored birds as playthings or even dinner. But, not Bob. He’s all about making some friends with his fine feathered friends.

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